Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can view the Calendar, training descriptions, and sponsoring organization profiles without having an account. However, if:
1) you want to receive email notifications of trainings as they become available, and/or
2) you would like to promote your organization's training/professional development opportunities to the OST community via the Calendar, then you must register for a free account by creating username and password (start by clicking "My Account" tab above).

Easy as 1-2-3! From the "Training Calendar" page:

1) click on the training (noting the appropriate date) and a 'pop-up' box will appear
2) within the pop-up box, click on the title and a full training description page will open
3) here you can find the appropriate registration method and contact information.

Note: The Calendar features trainings that are offered by a variety of PD Providers in and around the Philadelphia area. Unless specifically stated on the training description page, you should assume that the OSTRC does NOT sponsor that particular training - and therefore, does NOT handle registration.

VERY IMPORTANT: To register for any training, you MUST contact the actual sponsoring organization (using the information listed on the training description page).

Once you have logged in under the "My Account" tab, click the "Submit a Training" tab. After completing the form, hit "Save & Submit" (or "Save & Edit" if you just wish to see a preview). Once approved, your training will be published on the Calendar under the appropriate date. Typically this process takes only a few hours, but please allow up to 2 business days for approval.

Yes! When creating your user account, you will also complete an organizational profile which will be displayed on the "PD Providers" page. This way, individual trainers as well as on-demand trainings/technical assistance can be included on our website. (Click on the "PD Providers" tab above for an explanation of the types of PD Providers found on this website.)

The list of PD Providers on the "PD Providers" page represents those that voluntarily signed up for an account, thus allowing them to promote their organizational profile. These PD Providers offer some form of professional development, but may or may not offer pre-scheduled trainings.

The list of Sponsoring Organizations located within the Filter represent any and all PD Providers who have offered pre-scheduled trainings (which have appeared on the Training Calendar). These Organizations may or may not have decided to sign up for an account in order to promote themselves on the PD Provider page.

For these reasons, the list of Sponsoring Organizations (under 'Search by Filter') may be much longer than the list of PD Providers on the "PD Providers" page.

Yes! One of the convenient features is the Printable Calendar, which you can access when you hover your pointer over the "Training Calendar" tab (above), and select "Printable Calendar." You can then filter your training selections by category and print only the ones that interest you. This feature preserves the "list" format you were accustomed to seeing in the OSTRC Training Directory.

Part of the work of the Philadelphia's OST PD Project was around Competencies that represent fundamental areas in which all out-of-school time staff should perform well to ensure positive program and youth outcomes. The competencies can be used to recruit, train, assess and organize around staff. There are 9 Staff Competencies with a total of 52 content areas. Details are archived at:

For questions or comments about this Training Calendar, please contact John Price III, OSTRC Project Manager at or 856-533-2711.