Free Library of Philadelphia

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The Mission of The Free Library of Philadelphia is to provide to all segments of Philadelphia's diverse population a comprehensive collection of recorded knowledge, ideas, artistic expression, and information in a variety of media, including current technology; to assure ease of access to these materials; and to provide programs to stimulate the awareness and use of these resources. The Free Library will create a welcoming and inspiring environment for learning and will promote individual enlightenment, community enrichment, and economic vitality throughout the region.
The Free Library has four primary roles: It will provide current materials of high interest in a variety of formats for persons of all ages. It will provide timely, accurate information, and reference services employing a highly qualified staff who provide the link between the Library materials and users in a congenial and professional manner. It will support the educational goals of Philadelphians by providing materials and programs for children, as well as for their parents and caregivers.

The Free Library of Philadelphia will uphold the public's freedom of access to knowledge. It will recognize its responsibility as the Public Library for the City of Philadelphia, as a District Library Center for Philadelphia County, and as a Statewide Resource Center for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Jeff Neher
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