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HEALING is an agency that is designed to service the community with programs that will prevent various types of dangerous or fatal incidents that occur with our youth and young adults. This is provided through presentations, workshops, breakout sessions, rap sessions, conflict resolution training, and life skills through drama classes.

HEALING has programs that do just that “HEAL” We are determined to empower our youth and young adults to change their own destinies. We all know that knowledge is power. The knowledge they will receive from these programs will stay with them for the rest of their lives. They will not only learn how NOT TO FALL, but also how to PICK OTHERS UP. PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS, PEER MEDIATION TRAINING, SHOW & TELL, Puppet Show, and SAFE HANDS SCHOOL PROJECT are just the tools they need to accomplish both of these tasks.


· Self-Esteem
· Anger Management
· Conflict Strategies
· Bullying
· Interpersonal Communication
· Drug & Alcohol
· Diversity
· Goal Setting

These Presentations / Workshops occur on a one-time basis or multiple-sessions, either in a classroom or an assembly setting. We give information about these topics in a very real and serious manner. The presentation can be tailored for specific groups. Visual aids and /or handouts are a part of the presentation.

Conflict Strategies Through Puppetry

Learn how to avoid conflict through the tools of puppetry. Lets us show your children the right way to deal with anger.

Peer Or Staff Mediation / Conflict Resolution Training

This curriculum takes up to 20 hrs to complete. It deals with the theory and the application of how peers can help each other to avoid or resolve their conflicts. They are taught how to stay neutral and at the same time help those involved to successfully deal with their conflict. At the end, they are certified Peer Mediators, and remain in that school to further deal with the various incidents. Later we return to give advance training on other detailed information such as: Cultural Diversities, Advance Skills, Different Strategies, and Going Beyond the Sessions.

Show & Tell

Show & Tell is designed to give participants a reality-based examination of some of the major pitfalls and challenges that can prove to be self-destructive. The topics that will be covered are: Self-Esteem, Drugs & Alcohol, Conflict Resolution, and Diversities. These and other topics cover areas serve to hinder us from reaching our full potential. Drama is a very real tool that allows participants to experience the impact of and outcomes of decisions that are made day-to-day. At the conclusion of this course, the participants will not only have some acting skills, but also knowledge as to how to prevent some awful tragedies.

We also provide Professional Development for management and direct service staff.

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Gregory S. Morgan Sr.
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(610) 626-6198 / (610) 745-8906
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